Laguna San Rafael’s Excursion

We invite you to live the ValleGlaciares experience with our crew and the friendly of our service.

About the excursion

Begin the adventure in Puerto Río Tranquilo, our captain brings your through the roads of the Patagonia until the dock Grosse.

Let yourself be enchanted by the magical histories surround the islands, fjord, waterways and the most beautiful landscapes of the Chilean Patagonia.

About Us

Our Little Company funded by Mr. Luis Alejandro Castillo, who astonished with the awesome landscape of south of Chile, decide bring his experience to everyone who want wonder himself with lagoon’s fjords and glaciers.

Marine Biologist for profession, count with over than 20 years of experience navigating in the zone, put at your disposal his professionalism, experience and knowledge about the lagoon`s history as well the secrets and local history that this impressing natural wonder of the Chilean Patagonia surround and hide. You cannot lose.

 -ValleGlaciares Team-

About the park

Laguna San Rafael is an arc-shaped coastal lake of 123 km² located in the Aysén Region of Chile, within the national park that bears its name. The Lagoon was formed by the retreat of the San Rafael Glacier in the Northern Patagonian Ice Field. Today the ice keeps falling from the glacier into the lagoon.

Laguna San Rafael National Park

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